Best Grinder

A grinder is a small tool with teeth, which can be used to grind up marijuana, tobacco, weed, herb, and other small plant material. Grinders can have 1 to 3 compartments and are generally made of acrylic, metal or wood. If you are buying a grinder for the first time, you surely must be keen on knowing that which is the best grinder for you.

Finding the best grinder can be a little difficult, owing to the different material and brand choices you have. Though aluminum is preferred by many, acrylic and wood are also good. Let us now get to learn about these grinders in detail, so that it becomes easier for you to find the best.


Type of Best Grinder Materials

– Acrylic Grinder Material

Best Grinder from Acrylic Grinder In your search of best herb grinder, you have three material choices to select from – acrylic, wood and metal. This is the cheapest material that you can get. Acrylic grinders will cost you just few bucks, and it is a perfect option if you are unable to find other grinders. They will not last you for a very long time, and after serving for a while, the teeth on these grinders will likely break. They generally do not have a kief catcher, and even though it does serve its purpose, it cannot be called the best grinder. For more reviews,click here.

Best Grinder from Wood Grinder– Wood Grinder Material

This material looks good, but as they need to be carved, you generally will get them with only 1 compartment. Make sure the one you opt for does not have any finishing or paint, as that might get in your herb. The best option for you is a raw wood grinder.The wood grinder available from various dealers and stores in many places, but you can purchase it from Amazon.

– Metal Grinder Material

Best Grinder from Metal GrinderMost metal grinders are made of aluminum, and few are made of titanium. Titanium almost looks like metal, so be careful while making your purchase. Metal grinders can certainly said to be the best grinders. They are long lasting, and do their job well. If you opt for an aluminum grinder, you will not have to worry about changing it month after month. They generally come with 3 chambers and have a kief catch attached.

 Advantages Of Using A Best Grinder:

  1. Perfect place for storing your buds – When you buy marijuana, you have to store it somewhere. Your buds will be completely safe whenever they are in stored your best grinder. Moreover, this also helps get a perfect measure of how much of your herbs you are consuming.
  1. The surface area – all types of weed needs some treatment before you can use them. The hand plucking method is a very crude way of doing this job, and is also a very tedious and time consuming task. If you instead use a grinder, it will save you time, efforts, and will also offer you an enlargement in the surface area.
  1. Increased surface area is helpful – you best grinder offers an increase in the surface area, and that in turn offers a kind of fluffiness to the weed, making it easier to be rolled into joints, and makes the experience of smoking cannabis much better.
  1. Economical – the best grinder will also help you save money. When you opt for a crude method like hand packing, you waste lots of herb, and also use it more than required. But, if you use a grinder, each grain is more potent and a small quantity will offer you the same result, as a large amount would.

Difference Between 1,2, and 3 Compartment Grinders

The best herb grinder is essential for the life of smokers but unseasoned smokers do not give much importance to this accessory. Herb grinders are small, cylindrical devices and they have the size of you palm. These devices have minimum two components, but some herb grinders have three components, which can be separated and twisted apart. The best grinders are constructed with rugged, patterned and aligning teeth. These grinders can be used for grinding kitchen cooking herbs, but these are mainly used for grinding marijuana.

– One Compartment Grinders

Two piece grinders have only one compartment and they consist of two connective pieces. Herb is grinded in teeth and prong area. These grinders are the least expensive grinders. It is very tricky to pick up shredded weed out from the teeth.

– Two Compartment Grinders

Two compartment grinders are three piece devices. Handling these types of grinders is much easier compared to one compartment grinders. You can put the whole buds into one compartment, which is a rigid and teethed area. The remnants fall down in to the second compartment after twisting and shredding the herb. This process is possible only after achieving an appropriate consistency.

– Three Compartment Grinders

These are considered as the best built devices for grinding herbs. These are four piece grinders and have three different compartments. These grinders can grind weed in its teethed top chamber. Then, it has the ability to leave the shredded herb as consistently sized pieces in the second compartment. The screened third compartment is helpful for sifting, collecting and trapping the pollen. These grinders are perfect for grinding marijuana, kitchen herbs and kief, which is the powdered form of THC. The kief is highly useful when you need it for a smoke. These grinders can keep the powder nicely.


How To Use The Best Grinder?

If you are using weed grinder for the first time, the process can be confusing. The best grinders are made of zinc and aluminum and have 4 chambers. You must use your herb grinder effectively to get the best grinding experience. Here is the process of using a best grinder.

1. Pick up the best Grinder

You should select the best grinder to meet all your needs. So, you can select an aluminum or zinc grinder.

2. Avoid overfilling Top Chamber

When you grind herbs in a weed grinder, tendency to load as much as possible in to top chamber may be very high. But, you should avoid it if you want to get very fine finished products. When you overfill the top chamber, the grinder will take more time to grind it perfectly.

3. Turn the Grinder Upside Down

When you turn the grinder upside down, the herb can be grinded more finely than when you use it upright. However, you should hold the top cap carefully from falling off. This should be done very carefully otherwise your herb may fly everywhere.

4. Grind Herb Thoroughly

You should grind your herb thoroughly. When you start grinding, you may feel some mild resistance. Grinding is little difficult in the initial time because the grinder teeth need to cut the herbs. As per the progression of grinding, the twisting motion will become easier. When the herb is grinded thoroughly, you will feel that the twisted chamber has nothing in it.

5. Collect kief

Kief is the superfine marijuana material, which has very high THC content than regular marijuana. When you use the grinder multiple times, the kief will build up naturally in the bottom chamber of the grinder. In order to get the fine products, you must use the best herb grinders.


Reviews Of The 5 Best Grinders

Let us now get to learn about some of the best herb grinders that you can choose from.

  1. Space Case Grinder (Review)

Best grinder from space-case-grinder

The Space Case grinder is amongst the best grinder for medical marijuana patients, and has been created for heavy use with absolute ease. The teeth of the grinder were designed to offer the user the fluffiest herbs possible. The Space grinder does not have sharp teeth and instead uses a trapezoid shaped design, because of which herb can easily be cut many times. Owing to the extra cut, you will be enjoying more consistent blend. The Space Case grinder also offers the best grip, thus making usage a lot easier. So, no matter what the condition of your joint, or what your age is, you will be able to use this grinder easily.

  1. Cali Crusher Grinder(Review)

best grinder from cali crusher grinder

The Cali Crusher grinders are without doubt a great value for money, and will last you for a very long time. These are one of the most popular grinders, and the favorites from this brand include the 2-piece grinder, the 4-piece grinder, and the crank top grinder. They are made of great material and have a nice solid finish. Even though it is not pricey, its great finish makes it look like the top-end ones. Not only does this grinder look great, but it offers great performance too. It comes with a magnetic lid, so you can carry your herb, tobacco, or marijuana in it, without spilling the bud.

  1. Aerospace Grinder (Review)

best grinder from aerospace grinder

If you are interested in just perfection, and want the best grinder, something that will never disappoint, then Aerospace is the apt brand for you. The Aerospace 4 piece grinder is a perfect choice, offering all the features that you must be looking for. This metal grinder is made of anodized aluminum, and thus you can be sure it is never going to corrode. It has very fine pollen screen, which in fact is one of its best features. Aerospace grinders also come with a pouch to help you carry it wherever you go. It is extremely light in weight, so you will never have any trouble taking it with you.

  1. Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder (Review)

best grinder from santa cruz grinder

If you are looking for a great quality grinder, which looks great, and will last really long, then the Santa Cruz mini Shredder is a perfect choice for you. This grinder has been created for heavy usage. Its teeth offer you great fluffy results, because they are not sharp, but dull and resemble stars. So, you can be sure of enjoying a consistent, perfect blend each time. This grinder also offers a perfect grip, and this is also why it is one of the best grinders that you can get for yourself.

  1. Indian Crusher Grinder (Purchase it on Amazon)

best grinder from indian crusher

If you are interested in a cheap but best grinder, which will offer you great results, then Indian crushers are ideal for you. In just about a little price, you have the option to choose from 3-4 size, like 1.6 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and more. Indian crushers generally offer 4 pieces, and also have a pollen catcher along with free pollen scraped to make sure no waste is left behind. Most of the Indian crushers also come with a lifetime warranty, which only reflects their great quality. So, if you are looking for the best grinder, you might consider an Indian crusher.For more reviews, click here.